carbon copy murder cover

Ever wondered how far an author would go to get a novel published? How about committing murder? Megan’s agent has said her novel lacks realism. She acknowledges this and risks everything to achieve her ambition. Megan made two vows. The first was in church. The second was to walk away from this marriage. It takes the deaths of two teenage girls to bring the second to fruition. A mixture of deceit and revenge, woven into the story of a struggling author, this disturbing story will have you turning the pages.


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Update. November 2018

Working on a series of books aimed at the 5-12-year age group. Five books are complete with a sixth story under way. First book (Goodwon and the Greedy Gobblers!) is available on Amazon as paperback and Kindle. Just received first feedback,  a 5* review. Working with a talented artist to produce the covers, this first one exceeded my expectations.